China's leather goods manufacturing needs to be transformed

In recent years, every leather goods factory has been under the same pressure of labour costs. The attentive owner of B leather goods factory has been paying close attention to the flow of workers carrying out production in the workshop in recent years, and he found that the improvement in profitability of each product would be immediately apparent after making more reasonable adjustments in the human resources structure.


The main production process of leather goods

Binding edge—— a variety of edge bones used to form a backing or to enhance the shape of a handbag.


Industry Interviews | Running hard on the new chrome-free tanning track - Interview with Chen Peijian, head of Jinjiang Yuantai Leather Co.

The company has an annual output of 30 million feet of leather; the products are relatively diversified, mainly is mainly bag leather, sofa leather, shoe leather mainly in the middle and high end leather, attached The added value is relatively high and customers basically buy in cash. The company has a strong technical force, with an enterprise R&D centre and testing centre, and insists on working with some powerful companies including Ting Jiang The company has a strong technical force, with an enterprise R&D centre and testing centre, and insists on conducting new product development together with some powerful companies including Tingjiang.


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Leather types and production process classification

Leather is made from animal skins that have been processed by a range of physical and chemical methods. The process of making leather from rawhide (the original skin stripped from an animal) is called tanning.


What are the usual categories of leather?

Classification by use: Leather can be classified by use into: upper leather, garment leather, shoe lining leather, sofa leather and glove leather etc.


How is tear strength defined? What is the effect of this indicator on leather products?

Tearing force: A rectangular leather specimen of a specified shape (with a hole in the middle) is placed on the test hooks of the upper and lower two fixtures of the tensile tester, and the maximum load value reached when the tester is running is the tearing force of the specimen.


What is transfer leather?

The leather that is adhered to the leather surface by the prefabricated coating film is called transfer leather. The production process is divided into dry leather and wet leather.


What is recycled leather?

The traditional tanning process produces a large amount of solid waste, such as blue wet leather trimming produced by the skin block, chipping when the debris and other kinds of waste, in the processing of leather products production process to produce a variety of leather scraps and side foot waste.


What are the types of sheep fur in China?

China's sheep fur many kinds, according to the production performance can be divided into four kinds of fine wool sheep, semi-fine wool sheep, coarse wool sheep and lamb sheep. Fine wool sheep are represented by Xinjiang fine wool sheep, Northeast fine wool sheep and Inner Mongolia fine wool sheep, semi-fine wool sheep are represented by cold sheep, coarse wool sheep are represented by Mongolian sheep and Kazakh sheep, and lamb skin sheep are represented by beach sheep and lake sheep. Sheep hides are generally classified into three categories according to their use and wool type characteristics: native sheep hides, improved sheep hides and hybrid sheep hides.


How does the smell of leather products develop?

Leather is made from animal skins through a complex physical and chemical process. During the tanning process, various acids and bases are added to treat the leather, various fatliquors are added to fatten it, as well as filling it with various fillers, and finally finishing it with a finishing agent.


The general manager of Jinjiang Yuantai Leather Co.

On November 24, Chen Jian'en, General Manager of Jinjiang Yuantai Leather Co., Ltd. donated 5 million RMB to Jinjiang Charity Federation and Yuantai Chen Wenli Charity Foundation on the occasion of the wedding of his beloved son Chen Peijian and daughter-in-law Lin Yiting, and relevant leaders from Jinjiang attended the donation ceremony.

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