What are the types of sheep fur in China?

2022-04-20 00:00

What are the types of sheep fur in China?

There are many types of sheep fleece in China, which can be divided into four types according to their production performance: fine wool sheep, semi-fine wool sheep, coarse wool sheep and lambskin sheep. The fine wool sheep are represented by Xinjiang fine wool sheep, Northeast fine wool sheep and Inner Mongolia fine wool sheep, semi-fine wool sheep are represented by cold sheep, coarse wool sheep are represented by Mongolian sheep and Kazakh sheep, and lambskin sheep are represented by beach sheep and lake sheep. According to the use of sheep fur and the characteristics of the wool type will generally be sheep skin into three categories: soil breed sheep skin, improved sheep skin and hybrid sheep skin.

(1) Native sheep skins

Native-bred sheepskin is characterised by long, thick, loose wool, clear locks and soft skin, and can be made into a variety of fur coats, gloves and shoe lining.

(2) Improved sheepskin

Improved sheepskin has fine, even wool with small bends. After being made into fur, it can be made into shearling leather, dyed in various colours and made into leather clothes, leather hats, leather collars, leather mattresses, etc.

(3) Hybrid sheepskin

Hybrid sheep skins include beach sheep skins, lake sheep skins and Sanbei sheep skins, but their quality varies widely and their uses are the same as those of this species. The wool of young sheep is called sheep lamb skin and is divided into two types: native lambs and improved lambs. Depending on the length of the wool, there are small, medium and large wool lambs. Those with short wool and obvious patterns are suitable for making fur coats and hats. Longer, uneven wool can be used to make coat linings, leather mattresses and collars.

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