How does the smell of leather products develop?

2022-02-08 00:00

How does the smell of leather products develop?

Leather is made from animal skins through a complex physical and chemical process. During the tanning process, various acids and bases are added to treat the leather, various fatliquors are added to fatten it, as well as filling it with various fillers and finally finishing it with a coating agent. The raw hides themselves have an odour, which, together with the various leather chemicals used in the tanning process, creates the characteristic smell of leather. Due to the different types of raw hides and the different leather chemical materials used, the smell of leather can be light or heavy. For example, leather with fish oil will have a more or less fishy smell; leather with solvent-based finishing agents will have some solvent smell; in leather and fur products there is also the smell of adhesives, and even the smell of formaldehyde and benzene. Obviously, some toxic and harmful gases are detrimental to human health. In QB/T2725—2005 "Determination of Leather Odour" standard, the grade of odour is divided into five levels:

Class l: no noticeable odour;

Class 2: Slightly odorous, but not noticeable;

Level 3: noticeable odour, but not obtrusive;

Level 4: strong, unpleasant odour;

Level 5: Very strong, unpleasant odour.

Leather and its products are more or less odorous due to their specific characteristics, but in leather such as car cushion leather and sofa leather, the odour of leather should be controlled.

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