What is transfer leather?

2022-04-20 00:00

What is transfer leather?

The leather to which the pre-finished film is adhered is called transfer leather. According to the production process, leather is divided into dry leather and wet leather.

(1) Dry film transfer leather

Leather made by applying polyurethane (Pu) coating material to release paper to make a film, which is then transferred to the leather surface for processing.

(2) Wet transfer film leather

A solvent-based polyurethane (Pu) is applied to the surface of the leather by the roller coating method, so that the polyurethane resin forms a continuous porous film on the surface of the leather, and then the prepared polyurethane (Pu) film is transferred from the release paper to the surface of the leather or processed by spraying or embossing.

In production, it is common to use split layer leather to make film transfer leather, which both reduces costs and improves the utilisation of raw leather. It can be made in a variety of colours and patterns. It is widely used in shoes, bags, belts and other leather products.

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